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  • A Table for Two

    How the sport of Table Tennis provides physical fitness and can add years to your life Dean Johnson weaves a series of interconnected events that helped him achieve success in life, love, and business. Sometimes coincidental, more often serendipitous and divinely inspired, Johnson’s stories include over 250 photos. The common thread

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  • A Karate Master’s Secret Weapon: Ping Pong

    A CEO with a black belt who draws from several disciplines to stay fit says table tennis is crucial to his regimen Kenny Markanich, an apparel company executive based in Nashville, Tenn., defends an attack from instructor Wayne Tyler using a block, grab and strike move during a class at

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  • Ping Pong in Bryant Park, New York

    A powerful look at how outdoor ping pong tables, set up in the heart of New York City, are welcoming players from all walks of life.

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