The PingPong.GIVES Charity Foundation Directly  Supports 5 Charity Partners

Every couple of years, the PingPong.GIVES Charity Foundation Board of Directors selects a qualifying non-profit organization to add as a Charity Partner.

To be considered a Charity Partner, a non-profit must align with our Foundations mission to improve mental health and brain fitness through playing Ping Pong.  It must also carry out the vision to integrate Table Tennis programs into the community!

You will find a common theme with each Charity Partner that correlates with mental health issues, be it Intellectual Challenges, Depression, Dependency, Dementia, Parkinson’s, ADHD, PTSD, and Brain functionality.  Playing Ping Pong for just 2 minutes will not only help brain fitness, it stimulates the 3 most important elements of Social, Mental and Physical aspects of life.

We are so fortunate to call these various Charity’s our Partners PIN Ministry, Vanguard Landing, Alzheimer’s Hampton Roads, Parkinson’s Hampton Roads and EVMS  — as they EACH are having tremendous impact in fighting for their respective causes while allowing our means to contribute in our very humble ways.  So while any activity is good for the brain, playing Ping Pong, clinically validated, is ONE OF THE BEST therapeutic activities for the brain.

Cross Train Your Brain.  Play Ping Pong.  Thank you Charity Partners!


 EVMS is pleased to become a Charity Partner of Ping Pong for Charity to help raise funds and awareness for the EVMS Glennan Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology. The mission of the Glennan Center is to promote the health, well-being, independence, and quality of life of older adults; and to enhance the knowledge base and standards of practice in geriatrics and gerontology, through clinical practice, education, research, and advocacy on behalf of older adults and their caregivers. “We believe that an activity such as Ping Pong has therapeutic wide-ranging benefits including better hand-eye coordination, improved mood, increased cognitive functioning, fewer symptoms of depression and improved quality of life of older adults. Win or lose older adults playing Ping Pong are likely to smile more, laugh heartily, and reach out to new friends (literally) across the table!” Dr. Robert Palmer, Director, EVMS Glennan Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology.

As beneficiaries of the Annual PingPongforCHARITY™ Events, PingPong.GIVES partnered with a variety of businesses, friends and organizations to raise money and awareness for Mental Health, Depression & Homelessness, specifically for People in Need Ministry.
The event draws hundreds of casual, amateur and “closet players”, is played on 30 KETTLER Table Tennis tables and supported with over 35 sponsors. The event is heading into its 10th year and will be bigger and better than ever!  By donating to PingPong.GIVES, you help PiN Ministry!

Can you imagine a place where adults with mild to moderate intellectual challenges realize their full potential and goals through experiencing personal independence, purposeful employment and fulfilling social interaction?  It’s a new community in Virginia Beach, VA. and the The Table Tennis Charity Foundation is proud to help extraordinary people live extraordinary lives. Your support of PingPong.GIVES and the PingPongforCHARITY Events directly helps Vanguard Landing.  One day soon, the VGL Community Center will be full of KETTLER Table Tennis Tables!

Dementia patients, Ping Pong is a game — and THERAPY! A Japanese study reveals that Table Tennis is one of the best activities to promote Brain Fitness and Mental Health. The sport activates multiple regions of the brain and increases cerebral blood flow, improving players’ agility, alertness and overall mood.  What better way to generate awareness and generate funding for the Alzheimer’s Association then to create a Ping Pong tournament? We are excited to continue in producing the Annual PingPongforCHARITY™ Tournament, to benefit The Alzheimer’s Association, along with other Charity Partners!

 The American Parkinson Disease Association Hampton Roads Chapter is pleased to become a Charity Partner of the Table Tennis Charity Foundation and its annual PingPongforCHARITY™ Events. This partnership will provide a great opportunity to stress that exercise helps ‘ease the burden’ of people with Parkinson Disease. Research shows that exercise by people with Parkinson Disease improves mobility and leads to accomplishing daily tasks with greater ease. Exercise, such as ping pong, can be fun and will provide more confidence and energy for people with Parkinson Disease”, states Don Bradway, Advisory Board President, APDA Hampton Roads Chapter.

Should you like to have your non-profit considered, or nominate a qualifying non-profit, please complete the Charity Partner Application.