Every 2 to 3 years, the PingPong.GIVES Charity Foundation Board of Directors selects a qualifying non-profit organization to add as a Charity Partner.

To be considered a Charity Partner, a non-profit must align with our Foundations mission to improve mental health and brain fitness through playing Ping Pong.  It must also carry out the vision to integrate Table Tennis programs into the community!

You will find the common theme with each Charity Partner correlates to mental health, be it Intellectual Challenges, Depression, Dependency, Dementia, Parkinson’s and Brain functionality.  Playing Ping Pong, not only helps brain fitness, it stimulates the 3 most important elements of Social, Mental and Physical aspects of life.

We are so fortunate to call these various Charity’s our Partners — as they EACH are having tremendous impact in fighting for their respective causes while allowing our means to contribute in our very humble ways.  So while any activity is good for the brain, playing Ping Pong, clinically validated, is ONE OF THE BEST therapeutic activities for the brain.

Cross Train Your Brain.  Play Ping Pong.  Thank you Charity Partners!


Should you like to have your non-profit considered, or nominate a qualifying non-profit, please complete the Charity Partner Application.