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  • Ping-Pong as the Fountain of Youth

    By WENDY LYONS SUNSHINE; MARCH 7, 2017   I returned home the other night exhausted, quadriceps aching, twinges in my foot, salty with sweat. My husband asked me how my evening was. Glorious, I told him. I had spent 90 minutes in a gym crammed with 10 Ping-Pong tables and assorted

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  • US Dementia Rates Are Dropping

    NOV 21, 2016 Howard Gleckman,  CONTRIBUTOR to Forbes;  An important new national studyfinds that, after adjusting for age, Americans 65 and older are less likely to get dementia than in the past. The report, published in the Journal of the American Medical Assn (JAMA) confirms previous regional studies in the

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  • Why Ping-Pong is good for your brain

    Want better memory, attention, motor learning and moods? Ping-Pong may seem like a simple sport, but it brings a lot to the table.  April 18, 2016 Kasumi Ishikawa of Japan serves during a gold-medal table tennis match at the 2012 Olympics in London. (Photo: Feng Li/Getty Images) First, full disclosure:

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