Play Ping Pong for a Second Chance!  The 3rd Annual Renascence PingPongforCHARITY™ Events in Montgomery, Alabama was a huge success!

Renascence, Inc. is more than a halfway house – it’s a fresh start, a new life.
For men serving sentences for non-violent offenses, the lack of a willing support network is the main obstacle to beginning a successful, productive transition back into society. Renascence exists to help provide a structure to meet that need.

Resident Members RECLAIM their lives by helping to develop a strategy for their own success.
They are offered help to REBUILD their lives with guidance and assistance from the staff.
In the end they are able to successfully REINTEGRATE into society as productive individuals.

Renascence has also designed their program to address other major obstacles that often lead to a relapse into crime including

– Homelessness
– Unemployment
– Lack of education
– Lack of job skills
– Lack of work history
– Addiction to drugs or alcohol

Renascence can accommodate up to 12 men at a time, each staying for a period of 6 months to a year. While they are there, Resident Members are required to work or attend school, pay rent, attend scheduled classes and meetings, and abide by all house rules. This helps them to learn to be accountable and teaches Resident Members that they have choices and their choices make all the difference.


SO, PLEASE, GET INVOLVED WITH THIS PING PONG EVENT TO RAISE AWARENESS AND FUNDING FOR THIS CAUSE!  Should you like to participate, please contact us today! (334) 832.1402

And should your business like to take part in sponsoring these events and helping our cause, just email us at PingPong.GIVES Charity Foundation