Interestingly, there is much attention in the news revealing how the sport of Table Tennis is ONE OF THE BEST THERAPEUTIC ACTIVITIES for The Brain!

Table Tennis happens to be the world’s best brain sport and is a better aerobic exercise than you might imagine; it gives your brain one heck of a workout.

A fascinating brain imaging study from Japan found that just 10 minutes of table tennis increases activity in the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum. It’s like aerobic chess. It’s great for hand-eye coordination and reflexes (cerebellum and parietal lobes).

You have to focus (prefrontal cortex) so you can track the ball through space, figure out spins (parietal lobes and occipital lobes), and plan shots and strategies (prefrontal cortex and cerebellum). Then you have to follow through and execute those tactics successfully (prefrontal cortex and cerebellum).

All the while, you have to stay calm so you don’t get too nervous on game point (basal ganglia). And you can’t dwell on the point you blew a few minutes ago (anterior cingulate gyrus) or blow your top when you make a mistake (temporal lobes).


                                                                                      Source: Seattle Times

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