Let’s fill places like this AGAIN, on both sides of the bar!

Join Synapse, CaterBoom, PingPong.GIVES & Others

To Help Unemployed Restaurant & Hotel Workers Facing Panic, Worry, Anxiety & Fear

Greetings everyone!

Since inception, it’s been the mission of The PingPong.GIVES Charity Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, to help improve Brain Health and Mental Fitness — inspired by the leadership team of AdImpact.Marketing.  And now, with the COVID-19 local impact causing lost jobs to many, but those specifically in the Hospitality industry, many in our own backyard are facing the challenges of panic, stress, anxiety, fear and depression.  Real questions arise: “How will I pay my rent?”  “How will I put food on the table for my family?”  And we want to help where we can!

“We desire to connect with our network and are pledging financial assistance to helping individuals and families facing displacement”, Keith Reynolds, Co-Founder, CEO, of Synapse.

Together with organizations like Synapse and Caterboom, we are pledging $1,000 to helping those in the Hospitality industry facing panic, stress, worry, anxiety & fear from being displaced from their jobs due to the closing of their employers hotel and/or restaurant.  As of March 18, thousands of part time and full time workers have been furloughed or have lost their jobs and more are  expected!  We are compelled to help those in need in the hospitality industry, workers like Cooks, Wait Staff, Hotel staff, Bartenders, Maintenance workers..and the list goes on, when they ask, “How will I make ends meet?”

We’ve chosen to support our local Virginia Beach Hotel Association and Virginia Beach Restaurant Association members and their employees, to make a difference by donating 100% of our net proceeds to The James Beard Foundation, who, like us recognizes the dire situation the food, beverage & hospitality community is in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We plan to promote this heavily and ask for donations frequently and consistenly — so that we can specifically provide assitance for those that need it most. 

We are asking businesses, organizations (like Synapse, Caterboom, AdImpact.Marketing and others) to join us.  Match the $1,000 pledge!  Or help where you can!  Any amount will help!

And, as our way of saying thanks, any company or organization that donates $250 or more will recieve a FREE :20 video created and customized to represent your corporate brand and your unique business message, courtesy of AdImpact.Marketing.

Get a video like this, courtesy of AdImpact.Marketing, for your tax deductible donation of $250 or more. And Thank YOU for helping those that need it most 🙂

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Donate To Hospitality Relief Fund

We hope that during this time of crisis, others will join us in supporting our community; what’s happening is beyond concerning, it’s mind blowing! 

So we can do nothing, or we can do something. 

EVERYONE is affected on so many levels. 

When one simply thinks about losing a job, and then their income, then panic sets in.  Then anxiety, stress, worry and fear become the norm.  And those with brain health challenges already, are more vulnerable to the effects of this widespread panic and threat, but together, we can move mountains.

Won’t you help us?

Prayers and Amen, 

Stacy Shiflet, Virginia Beach Restaurant Association

Diana Burke, Virginia Beach Hotel Association

Ken Lees,  PingPong.GIVES Charity Foundation / AdImpact.Marketing

Thank You Supporters and Donors!