Award Winners / Scholarship Annoucements – 2018 Battle of Paddles Events

The 3rd Annual TowneBank Battle of the Paddles School and Scholarship Ping Pong Event finished with bouncing success.

And thanks to our Corporate Sponsors (TowneBank, Hoek Dentistry, Dreamlawns, KETTLER and Recovery for Life), nearly 40 High School students were able to participate, representing 6 local public and private schools!

While the Scholarship Application committee is still reviewing entries, the PingPong.GIVES Charity Foundation is proud to announce the 4 award winners for singles events in the Table Tennis Tournament hosted at Kellam High School:


Camari Arapi – Chesapeake Bay Academy; 2nd place Intermediate

Max Sallee – Kellam High School; 1st place Intermediate

Michael Bishop – Ocean Lakes High; 2nd Place Advanced

Mitchell Zhou – Cox High School; 1st Place Advanced


For more details regarding this Event, or to find out how your school or students can participate next year, visit PingPong.GIVES Battle of the Paddles 

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